Home Improvement l St. Pete

Home improvement in St. Pete is Americraft Building Technologies’ specialty. We strive to give you the house you have always dreamt of. If you want to expand your kitchen and add an island, we will do that for you. If you want to replace all of your cabinets, we can do that too. How about adding wood floors to your living room? That could make your space look more elegant and homey. Do you have a garage that you do not necessarily use? Let us turn that into an office space or maybe another bedroom. We can even renovate the whole house if you wanted us to.

Most people buy a starter home thinking that they will be out of there and into their dream house within a few years. This does not always happen. So we would like to bring your dream to you by offering home improvement in St. Pete. Envision what you want this abode to look like and we will make it possible. Maybe you want 4 bedrooms instead of 3 or you want an extra bathroom for your guests. Possibly your teenager has been complaining about the lack of privacy in their room so you are thinking about surprising them with a private residence that is still attached, but has a separate door for them to enter through. These are all possible with Americraft Building Technologies.

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Home improvement in St. Pete can be used for almost anything. You can build a home theater, a home gym, or a home office out of your garage. You can knock down a wall to expand a bedroom that once fit your child, but now has too many things to fit in that tiny space. Many people get tired of living in the same space for so long. They try to redecorate or repaint it so that it looks different, but no matter how many times they add a different coat of paint or spruce up the decorations they are still not satisfied with the way it looks. That is understandable. They want something entirely new. They want a fireplace in the living room or a wrap-around porch with a swing. All they want is to love their home again, and they do—when they call Americraft Building Technologies.

This brand new kitchen you have been dreaming of can be a reality with home improvement in St. Pete. The space you have been cooking in might be too small for you to be working in while you chat with your family and what is supposed to be a joyful occasion turns sour because you have no room to work. You want to make your family feel important by listening to what they have done that day, but you need to prepare dinner, too. The solution to having both is making your space bigger. Expand your space out into the dining or living room and add an island or a bar with stools so that while you are cooking by the stove, you are also listening to your family talk. While you are at it, spruce up the cabinets and the appliances. Our craftsmanship is one that has never failed us before and you will no longer be aggravated by the lack of space in your home.

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Americraft Building Technologies truly cares about the way that you feel about the place you live in. We want to make sure that you live in a place where you feel comfortable. So expand your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room; install wood floors, new cabinets and appliances by getting more information on home improvement in St. Pete today by calling (727) 953-8082.