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Before attempting huge remodeling addition projects in your house, you should find the proper room addition contractor for the job. Americraft Building Technologies is experienced in various remodeling jobs such as garage conversions and home renovations and specializes in the addition of rooms for residential clients. The comfortable environment we provide customers is the reason why many people refer us to their friends and family members. Along with our outstanding customer service we also have attention to detail which shows in our excellent craftsmanship with each project that we attempt. Residents of Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs can take advantage of the room addition contractor services provided by Americraft Building Technologies. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is the reason why we have flourished in a time of economic hardship for many businesses.


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An addition gives you many different advantages within your house. The most important and obvious one would be that you will have more space in your home to do whatever you want with. This added room gives you the opportunity to reorganize the rest of your house by making the new room a designated area which leaves other rooms in your house with more space also. Many people resist the idea of an additional room since they feel like they are losing a part of their property such as the backyard or lawn. However in most instances people realize later that the space that is now occupied by the new room is of more use than a piece of property outside. There are various things that you can turn your new room into, such as a bedroom, gaming room, sitting area, or some other personalized area which would be utilized more than the small piece of property that it will take up.

A new room addition to your house is something that requires a lot of consideration because unlike other remodeling type jobs, usually this one takes more time. Compared to a other remodeling job everything is made from scratch so the time of construction is longer, however the professional room addition contractors at Americraft make sure that the job site is clean from day one, during the process of, and after the project is complete. This is very important to many of our customers since a messy job site can occasionally be a nuisance when it gets in the way. For residents in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs can utilize the experienced contractors at Americraft Building Technologies. We make sure that each client’s dream room is made in accordance to their imagination, to make sure that our customers get exactly what they expected.

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The ability to personalize your new home is a major benefit of hiring a professional contractor for a room addition job since they can emulate exactly when you want. By adding a new room you can design the room according to your lifestyle. With the ability to do what you want you will be able to meet the specification exactly to what you need. Residents of Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs can use this opportunity to express themselves compared to buying a house in which you have no say so since the rooms are already built. You will also be able to have the freedom to select different styles and designs that you want your new room to be. This will not only give a new look to the room but you can also make your new room more economical so it utilizes energy more efficiently. With these types of advantages there is no wonder why many people opt to adding a new room rather than consider purchasing a new home.

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